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Walking Redefined: Discover the difference with BungyPump poles

Introducing our exclusive walking and training poles featuring innovative built-in resistance within each pole. Effortlessly engage your upper body, enhance core strength, refine balance and stability, and even boost calorie burn—all achieved seamlessly as you walk. Experience the synergy of fitness and simplicity with our unique poles, offering resistance levels ranging from 8 to 22 pounds.


Endorsed by Industry Experts

"Those with back problems may also experience walking with BungyPump as a good option for rehabilitation since the poles activate deep stabilizing abdominal and back muscles."

Roven Westberg | Registered Physiotherapist

Activate 90% of your body's muscles

BungyPump poles — your key to a comprehensive full-body workout. Engage multiple muscle groups as you walk, delivering results on par with running, swimming, and elliptical workouts.

Burn up to 77% more calories

Unlock enhanced calorie burn with the integrated resistance in each pole, elevating your calorie burn by up to 77% compared to traditional walking. Experience a more efficient and rewarding workout with every step.

Loved by our members

We are totally in love with our bungy pump walking poles!! Our PT and pain clinic doctor agree that it is super exercise for both my husband and I. We are 71 years of age and love the ‘burn’ we can get in our upper bodies.


I power walk pretty much daily and felt I needed to up my game to increase my workout results. I bought the Bungy Pumps on a whim and am so happy I did. My arms are noticeably firmer and I am walking further and much more briskly. Incredible weight loss results as well. Buy the BP walking poles, you’ll be very happy you did so!


Lifting weights aggravated my tendinitis in the elbows. I added these to my walking routine and it has strengthened my upper arms and even gets me to walk faster. Very happy with this product


Provides a good workout. I can say.


I am 72 years old I wish I had walking poles 10 years ago


I enjoy these poles so much & the fact that they have Springs that work my arms is a definite plus. I have had a couple surgeries lately & being able to get back out with my poles, which add an element of safety, is so enjoyable & good for me. Thank you!!


Adds another element to my walk. I don’t have to try and find time to work out upper body. Feels great to do it all at one time.


I love walking, yet it never seemed to give me QUITE a good-enough workout. With my BungyPumps I get a great workout, even when I only have time for a short walk. They are terrific and work on grass, dirt paths, paved roads - every surface I've tried them on. I plan to travel with them this fall - I never want to be without them! Thanks for a terrific solution to turning a walk into a full-body workout.


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