How To Use

Instructions to help you assemble and adjust your poles – how to use them correctly.

1. Turn the pole upside-down. Adjust the pole so that it feels comfortable, roughly at chest height (initially, it may be appropriate to adjust the poles 5-10 cm lower, as it is easier to learn the right technique). Lock into position by holding the middle section (B) and turning the lower section (C). Note! You are not allowed to push the lower section longer than the reflexmark.

2. Adjust the hand strap by pulling on the lower strap. Keep the locking device open while you adjust the loop. Press the locking device and pull gently on the two upper straps to lock into position.

3. Slip your hand into the loop from below. Then grasp the handle of the pole. Hold the pole in a comfortable and relaxed way.

4. Place the pole on the ground in line with the back of your front foot or immediately behind your heel. “Gently” place the pole on the ground and then press downwards. Keep the pole pressed down until it is time to take the next step.  Remember that the hand with the strained pole is supposed to come so far back that it passes the hip. Walk och jog. Alternate using your left arm and right leg with your right arm and left leg and so on. Remember: have a straight posture, lower the shoulders, pull in your stomach and look straight ahead. Your arm should be slightly angled and the whole arm will be in the pendulum movement, it is the shoulder joint (not the elbow) that are supposed to work. The poles must always lean back at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Do you have problems finding the right technique? Unsure of how to use your poles?

Put your hands in the wrist straps as instructed, start walking while dragging the poles after you. Relax and let your arms swing by themselves, after a few steps you will automatically begin to find the right technique (right foot and left arm up at the same time and vice versa). When you feel that you have the right technique you can grab the handles of the poles and walk. Watch below video on "How to correctly use BungyPump Poles".