Find Your Fit: Decoding BungyPump Models

Confused about which BungyPump model suits you best? No worries—we're here to guide you. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any, and remember, there's a 30-day return policy.

What sets BungyPump poles apart is the built-in resistance, transforming your walk into an effectivef full-body workout. With resistance levels from 8.8 to 22 pounds, we've outlined below which model we recommend for specific purposes.

Keep in mind, these are general recommendations. Your choice is as unique as your fitness journey.


If you're new to BungyPump and exercise in general, we suggest starting with a model featuring an entry-level resistance of 8.8 pounds. This choice prevents muscle and joint strain, offering a gentle upper body activation. It's the perfect way to begin, allowing you to build strength, coordination, and endurance gradually.

Regular Exercise

If you're an active individual seeking a fresh approach to full-body exercise, our mid-level resistance of 13.2 pounds is the perfect choice. Challenge yourself and enjoy a comprehensive workout by simply walking with this optimal resistance level. 

Weight Loss

For those aiming to shed weight and experience an intense calorie-burning full-body workout, we suggest opting for our high-level resistance at 22 pounds. This choice promises a challenging routine that builds muscle, torches calories, and enhances cardio. If 22 pounds seems daunting, no worries—you can always ease in by pressing the poles halfway for a lighter start with half the resistance.

Hiking / Nordic Walking

For a versatile choice catering to both exercise and hiking, we suggest the BungyPump Walkathlon model. This multifunctional option seamlessly transitions between using the poles with built-in resistance and locking them into rigid walking sticks—providing instant support for uphill or downhill hikes when in the locked position.


Rehabilitation Training

For those engaged in physical therapy or rehabilitation training, it's essential to consult your physician before incorporating BungyPump poles. However, physiotherapists highly endorse BungyPump poles for addressing conditions like shoulder and back injuries, arthritis, post-breast cancer surgery, and more. Opting for the entry-level resistance of 8.8 pounds provides a gentle yet effective full-body activation. Prioritize safety and consult with your healthcare professional for personalized advice.