Which BungyPump Model To Get?

Not sure which BungyPump model to get? Don't worry we'll help you navigate through the options. But honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of them (and there's always that 30 days return policy too). 

What makes BungyPump poles so unique is the built-in resistance inside each pole that allows you to activate and train your body effectively, while simply walking. The resistance level ranges from 8.8-22 pounds, and below we've broken down which model we recommend for which purpose. 

Don't forget these are just general recommendations. 


If you're a true beginner not to just BungyPump poles, but overall to exercise, then we recommend you chose a model with entry-level resistance of 8.8 pounds. This will ensure you don't overstrain your muscles and joints, but get a gentle upper body activation, while gradually building up your strength, coordination, and endurance.

Regular Exercise

If you're already active and looking to find a different way to exercise, where you train your entire body then we recommend going with our mid-level resistance of 13.2 pounds. This will ensure you get a good amount of resistance to challenge yourself and get a full-body workout while simply walking. 

Weight Loss

If you're looking to shed some weight and truly get a calorie burning full-body workout, then we recommend you go with our high-level resistance of 22 pounds. This will give you a challenging workout that will build muscle, burn calories, and improve cardio. While 22 pounds of built-in resistance might sound a lot, you can always start off lighter but pressing down the poles half-way to get half of the resistance.  

Hiking / Nordic Walking

If you want poles that you can both use for exercise and hiking then we recommend going with the BungyPump Walkathlon model. This is a multifunctional model that allows you to switch between using the poles with the built-in resistance AND lock them, to transform into rigid walking sticks (with no resistance). When locked these poles will be firm and rigid, to offer you instant support when hiking up- or downhill. 

Rehabilitation Training

If you are involved in physical therapy or any sorts of rehabilitation training, we urge you to consult your physician before using BungyPump poles (to be on the safe side). Otherwise, BungyPump poles are highly recommended by physiotherapists and can help with various conditions such as shoulder and back injuries, arthritis, post breast cancer surgery, and many others. We recommend choosing the entry-level resistance of 8.8 pounds for a gentle, yet effective, activation of the entire body.