Why you should start BungyPump walking! 

Creating an active lifestyle and workout routine doesn't have to be more complicated than by just starting to WALK. By adding BungyPump poles with their unique built-in resistance your simple walk transforms into a full-body workout.

Choose a BungyPump model with higher resistance for a more challenging and calorie burning walk. Or stick with the entry-level resistance model of 8.8 pounds if you're looking for a basic everyday activation of the body and/or incorporating it into a physical therapy training program. 


Test Report by MODO Sports Academy

Walking with BungyPump training poles in comparison to walking with rigid poles and walking without poles. A project in collaboration withBungyPump of Sweden and MODO SPORTS ACADEMY. 



Training with BungyPump training poles provides increased calorie consumption of up to 77% and a higher VO2max during a 30-minute walk at 6.5km/h with 1o -3ogradient compared with normal walking.

This makes walking with BungyPump training poles more time-efficient compared to normal walking and walking with rigid poles. To achieve the same kcal consumption during normal walking as during 60 minutes with BungyPump would need approximately a 90-minute walk. If the same is to be achieved when walking with rigid poles, approximately an 80-minute walk would be needed.

Finally, it should be emphasized that if BungyPump training poles are to provide the optimal increase in calorie consumption, heart rate and VO2, the practitioner is required to walk with the proper technique and push the poles properly at eachstep to use BungyPump training poles’ unique suspension system.

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